Most subscription boxes send you the same items every month... what’s worse is they are always “sample” sized in a tiny little box!  Our Wish Boxes are packed with full sized, premium brand name products.  We are literally all subscription boxes rolled in to one!

Your Box

When you get a Wish Box you receive a curated mixture of surprise items including health, hygiene, beauty, home goods, bath & body, accessories and so much more.  The value and usefulness of your Wish Box far surpasses the monthly fee - no more boring subscription boxes! 


Our Wish Boxes are especially exciting to those who do not want to go out to stores and shop around.  Opening your Wish Box every month is a thrilling experience and will always contain body and beauty items that you need, as well as fun items that you will enjoy using or wearing. 

“A piece of happiness is in every Wish Box.”

-KAY Lynn

Get Your Wish Box

The best way to experience our Wish Box is to get one of course!  We ship your Wish Box on the first of every month.  What are you waiting for?!